PRP Behandlung Frankfurt

Plasma lifting / Vampire lifting in Frankfurt

Plasma lifting is a skin rejuvenation method that is getting more and more popular. It is also called vampire or Dracula lifting and stimulates the body’s own regeneration and repair processes in the skin: stem and collagen cells get activated and the appearance of the skin and existing wrinkles, respectively, are improved considerably.

Course of the plasma lifting process (PRGF method)

For this type of anti-wrinkle treatment a few small tubes of blood are taken from the patient and in a special centrifuge the plasma is separated from the other blood components. This plasma (PRGF = plasma rich in growth factors) contains a high concentration of thrombozytes (blood platelets) that are, in turn, rich in the body’s own growth factors.

For insertion into the skin we are using the modern air pressure injection gun Dermatic 1. This injection appliance, also called mesogun, causes only very little pain or none at all, especially if used with extremely thin needles. For injecting the plasma the liquid gets injected into or under the skin at many little injection points.

After the application the skin can be calmed with a special cooling mask (Hilotherm).

In addition to the documented positive effects on wound healing and regeneration processes this procedure has amazing effects on rejuvenation of the skin. After initial application the effect appears after approximately three to six months and regular repetitions make it permanent.