Implantologie 3D-Implantat | groisman & laube

Oral surgery and dentistry combined under the same roof

Short distances, great safety

We are achieving a very special quality of oral surgery due to the perfect coordination between your dentist and the operating oral surgeon. Your benefit: you, the patient will be able to remain in the familiar environment of our practice and you profit from the short distances and a sensible work flow – all of this helps to achieve the best possible treatment results.

Whatever is needed – removal of wisdom teeth (tooth extraction), an implant or complex repositioning of the jaws – we at Groisman & Laube perform a wide range of operations in our own operating room. Most operations require only local anesthesia but if you wish, they can also be performed under twilight sleep or full anesthesia. If close post-surgery control by the surgeon is necessary you will find very good accommodation in the adjacent Bethanien Hospital.

Weisheitszahnentfernung bei engem Kiefer | groisman & laube

Following the taking of a 3-D X-Ray image, the wisdom teeth in question will be removed as carefully as possible – even under full anesthesia, if you wish.

Wurzelbehandlung der Zähne | groisman & laube

If the root canal system of a tooth is diseased, the root resection may be an effective means for retaining the tooth.

Behandlungsstuhl der Frankfurter Praxis | groisman & laube

A minimally invasive surgical procedure that is based on the transfer of ultrasonic waves to the surgical instrument.

Operation mit Hilfe eines OP-Mikroskops | groisman & laube

The PRGF® procedure  (“Plasma Rich in Growth Factors”) means that the body’s own blood plasma will be used for enhancing the healing of wounds.