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Forehead and eyebrow lift in Frankfurt

Performed by your specialist for esthetic facial surgery

Typically, the first signs of ageing in the face can be seen in the shape of saggings in the regions of the forehead and the middle face. The sagging of the forehead becomes visible due to the sagging of the brow/upper eyelid complex. The sagging of the middle face causes a deepening of the nasolabial folds.

Forehead and brow lift as well as the middle face lift can be performed in combination or individually, depending on conditions and the patient’s wishes.

A new or repositioning of the forehead causes the eye contours to be shown to better advantage again and the face on the whole to appear more open, friendlier and more awake. A lifting of the middle face complex returns to the face a more harmonious and younger shape.

Consultation prior to forehead lift and eyebrow lift

During the initial consultation your surgeon Dr. Dr Laube estimates the amount of sagging in the regions concerned. If it is the forehead/brow complex that has sagged, he will demonstrate with the help of a mirror the extent to which a repositioning of the forehead and a lifting of the brows will be possible.

If a sagging middle face complex is concerned, we can also show in a mirror how a lifting of the tissue structures concerned would affect your appearance and which results can be achieved.

Where the midface has sunk, it is also possible to show in a mirror how a lifting of the tissue structures in question will affect your appearance and which results can be achieved.

Course of the wrinkle treatment

For a forehead and brow lift the “coronal” incision will be hidden in the hair-bearing skin. The incision begins near the upper end of the ear on one side across the top of the head to the other side. The skin of the head will be parted from the underlying structures. Now the forehead can be mobilized and fixed in a new position. This is usually done with clamps. The resulting excess of hairy skin has already been determined in the preceding checks and can now be removed.

If the forehead/brow lift is to be combined with a middle face lift, the sagging structures of the middle face are located, lifted and repositioned through the existing access..

If only a middle face lift is to be performed, minimally invasive access methods are used that will be hidden within the hairline between forehead and temples and are only a few centimeters long. Through these the surgeon will continue endoscopically. When the operation is finished, the access will be closed with a fine suture that will be remove later.

After the forehead and brow lift or the middle face lift, respectively

Depending upon the extent of the operation we, at Groisman & Laube, recommend inpatient treatment in addition to the outpatient one but even then your hospital stay will usually be over on the next day. And most of the time the drainage can already be removed on the day of your release.

After a forehead or middle face lift the skin of the head often feels numb. This sensation usually disappears completely after a few weeks or months. Especially during the first few days until approx. two weeks after the operation the areas concernd incl. the upper eyelids may be swollen or discoloured.

The clamps of a forehead/brow lift are removed after two weeks, the sutures of a middle face lift after ten days.

Your surgeon is going to recommend that you sleep with a slightly elevated upper torso during the first few days and that you omit sports and sauna for about six weeks. Washing your hair is usually possible after just a few days.