Angstpatient Zahnarzt-Behandlung | groisman & laube

Treatment of anxiety patients at the Bethanien Dental Center

For us at our Bethanien Dental Center in Frankfurt it is only natural that we make our patients’ stay at our practice as pleasant as we possibly can. And, of course, we are especially considerate of our anxiety patients.

Our team considers it particularly important to create an atmosphere of confidence between you and us which is why take a lot of time for advising you thoroughly and comprehensively.  In a relaxed atmosphere, we shall discuss your questions and wishes regarding the intended treatment and shall give you a detailed explanation of the procedure planned.

Our Frankfurt team is going to involve you in the planning, diagnostics, therapy and follow-up treatment and will, among other things, counsel you about suitable strategies for overcoming your fear.

For some of our anxiety patients it is helpful to have the company of a trusted person for their appointments, others relax listening to their favourite music. In addition, we agree on hand signs that you can give during the therapy, if the situation threatens to become tough for you. Your team at the Frankfurt Center for Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Surgery will make it a point to keep you comfortable in our surgery at all times.

After intensive consultation and detailed anamnesis we are going to discuss with you the various options for turning off pain. We have a number of such possibilities and we shall explain them to you in detail. In this context, we should mention that all operations will be performed in our professionally equipped operating rooms with all modern facilities or in those of the adjacent Bethanien Hospital.

Local anesthesia, for example, for a simple dental implant will be administered by your oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeon, and treatments under sedation (twilight sleep), for instance, with laughing gas or general anesthesia will be administered and closely observed by a cooperating team of anesthesiologists.

One of the possibilities for relieving you of your fear of pain would be that of some kind of anesthesia. Twilight sleep means that you will be in a condition that switches off any pain but will not be as stressful for the body as, for instance, full anesthesia. You would feel relaxed but the team would still be able to talk to you. If you want general anesthesia , the anesthesiologists will give you detailed explanations and take proper care of you. They will also check very thoroughly whether a general anesthesia would be advisable in view of your anamnesis.

Please, bear in mind that switching off pain will always be accompanied by side effects. Our team will explain these to you in advance. It is our goal to create a trusting relationship between you as the patient and us as the physicians that will, in the long run, make you feel sufficiently confident so that you can accept treatment at our Bethanien Dental Center without fear and without anesthesia.

Trust our professional competence, our great experience and our tact and sensitivity! Make an appointment at our Bethanien Dental Center here in Frankfurt. You will be welcome.