Zahnärztin Dr. Ly mit Patientin | groisman & laube

Piezosurgery at the Frankfurt Center for Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial surgery

A minimally invasive procedure

By transmitting ultrasonic waves to the surgical instrument modern piezosurgery allows selective treatment of tissue types. Contrary to appliances that rotate fast, such as drills or saws, the region of the cut can be cooled better when the surgery concerns deeper layers. Bone tissue can be sliced off nearly without any pressure so that the adjacent tissues remain nearly untouched – even if soft tissues (e.g. nerves, connective tissues, mucous membranes, blood vessels) come into contact with the appliance. This low-risk, atraumatic procedure results in smaller wound surfaces that heal faster and with less complications.

Piezosurgery has been found to be particularly valuable for preparing implants (for instance for bone transplants from the patient’s own tissues).