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Our surgery in Frankfurt

Our concept

The Groisman  Laube surgery is situated in Frankfurt-Bornheim, directly adjacent to the Bethanien Hospital and is disinguished by a pleasant ambience and an innovative concept. State-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities ensure an effective treatment and support our most important goal: to achieve the best possible functional and esthetic result for you – and to let you go home after a successful treatment and the best possible care.

If inpatient treatment is required, you will be given a hospital room – of course, this will also be state-of-the-art.

Our specialization

In our high-tech medicine an essential prerequisite for successful treatments is specialization. This is the reason why we are convinced that a standard that guarantees successful treatments can only be reached by consequential, regular additional training and education courses. We have made sure of that by the quality of  the places where we trained (among others Cologne University Clinic, University of California, Los Angeles / UCLA, Charité Berlin, Marienhospital Stuttgart) on the one hand  but also by an early determination of our focal points, regular additional training courses and involvement with well-known specialiss‘ associations. On the other hand we are also sure that a high quality level can only be maintained, if knowledge is continuously exchanged and we are ready to accept life-long learning, a continuous learning process. 

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Our doctors

Mouth, jaws and face are among the most complex structures of the human body. Due to our twofold courses of study of both human and dental medicine plus subsequent specalization we are doing justice to that complexity. Due to still more specializations in special topics such as implantology, esthetic-functional dysgnathia surgery and also plastic facial surgery we have acquired even more specific medical knowledge – and we are thus able to offer you a holistic treatment concept comprising any and all of the medical and esthetic aspects.

Zahnärztin Silvia de Cukier de Horwitz | groisman & laube


Surgery team

Das Team unserer Praxis in Frankfurt | groisman & laube
Sonja Bott Praxisteam Einzelportrait | groisman & laube


Maria-Del-Carmen Seoane-Sanz | groisman & laube


Anika Eggeling Praxisteam Einzelportrait | groisman & laube


Marina Aiwasian Praxisteam Einzelportrait | groisman & laube


Fara-Setara Habibi Praxisteam Einzelportrait | groisman & laube