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groisman & laube: Plastic surgery of the face

Our dedication for the best possible results

The impression that we gain of a face is created by the joint action of all parts of the face. Each part influences all of the others. This causes a unique whole – and it is this individual charisma that we are striving to maintain by all of our services regarding esthetic facial surgery (plastic surgery), be it the lifting of forehead or eyebrows or the classic face lift.

Perfect care by groisman & laube

Dr. Dr. Nico Laube will be the one who takes care of you. He is an oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeon and has specialized in plastic facial surgery. One of his most important fields of activity is esthetic facial surgery. And in 2013, Dr. Dr. Laube has acquired the academic degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.)  in this field.

He has many years of experience in the fields of plastic and esthetic facial surgery, especially of wrinkle treatment, regularly attends certified seminars and has studied these topics abroad numerous times. That enables him to find and apply individual solutions for anti-wrinkle treatments, so that you can feel young for a longer period of time.

The facilities in our surgery are also going to convince you: for outpatients we have our own operating room with state-of-the-art equipment. And if needed, we can also use the operating rooms of the adjacent Bethanien hospital for inpatients.

Lidstraffung von Ober- und Unterlid | groisman & laube

The surgical procedure of an eyelid plasty will give your eyes a younger, livelier appearance.   

Ohrenkorrektur bei abstehenden Ohren | groisman & laube

We shall advise you in great detail about the possibilities for correcting lop ears and find the best solution in close cooperation with you.

Fettabsaugung im Gesicht | groisman & laube

Maybe you want fatty tissues removed in the face (e.g. double chin) or around your throat and neck – we shall inform you of the possibilities offered by liposuction.

Lipofilling zur Eigenfett Faltenbehandlung | groisman & laube

The utilization of autologous fat (a patient’s own fatty tissues) in treating smaller and larger wrinkles may lead to a natural-looking rejuvenation effect.

MACS-Facelifting - schonende Gesichtsstraffung | groisman & laube

During a facelift the skin and subcutaneous tissues are tightened – for a younger appearance while maintaining your individuality.

Behandlungsstuhl der Frankfurter Praxis | groisman & laube

This method, evolved from the classic facelift, has attractive advantages, e.g. it is minimally invasive and leaves scars that will be barely visible.

Stirnlift und Lifting der Augenbrauen | groisman & laube

The tightening of forehead and eyebrow skin may stand alone or be combined with a lifting of the middle face – for a younger, more relaxed look.

Dermabrasion gegen Falten an Oberlippe | groisman & laube

This method abrades part of the top skin layer – an innovative procedure for treating deep wrinkles or scars.