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Dysgnathia surgery by groisman & laube, Frankfurt

We shall lay the foundations for a successful treatment

The term “dysgnathia” describes a malformation of the jaws. This may lead to functional problems but can be treated effectively and holistically with modern techniques of oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery.

What does “malformation” of the jaws mean?

This complex question may be explained, slightly generalized, with a simple comparison:

If you compare the relationship between teeth and jaws with the building of a house, then the jaws are the foundations and the teeth stand for the house itself.  Obviously, crooked foundations will cause the whole structure to be unstable, see, for example, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is not the tower that is causing the problem, it is the foundations.

If the relationship between teeth and jaws is not as it should be, we frequently see the phenomenon of crooked teeth. The jaw bone has not enough room for all of the teeth so that the teeth crowd together or tilt in different directions. They compete for space in the jaw. In these instances, the lower jaw often appears too long or too short. Of course, there are many and manifold types and extents of dental malocclusion – but our experienced oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeons will definitely take good care of you.

Course of the treatment administered by Groisman & Laube

Patients frequently turn initially to an orthodontist or to their dentist when problems occur. After proper consultation, orthodontic examination and evaluation of the X-ray images and models you will be informed of the type of your dysgnathia and referred to us.

In the course of many years of clinical training and gaining experience we have specialized on individual treatment strategies in accordance with scientifically secure and proven methods. Since dysgnathia surgery is always an operation in the face area esthetic facial aspects must also be taken into account. That is why we of Groisman & Laube are focusing not only on the actual purpose of producing a regular occlusion but also on the functioning of the maxillar and mandibular joints and facial esthetics.

We are presenting treatment concepts in such a way and structure that they are easy for you to understand. And we are also taking care of prompt coordination and correspondence with your orthodontist.

Offener Biss Behandlung | groisman & laube

We are offering you a concept for the treatment of crossbite that is individually attuned to your case.

Kinn- und Nasenkorrektur | groisman & laube

Whether this is part of the treatment of a malocclusion or whether it is a strictly esthetic measure – we can offer you a number of different possibilities.