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Dental implants at the Implantology Competence Center

Planned individually, executed meticulously

Healthy, beautiful, teeth and the ability to take part in everyday life without any restrictions are based on a dental system that is well taken care of. Harmonious interaction of form and function is quintessential for this. That is why we at Groisman & Laube  – being responsible implantologists – are planning meticulously how to replace missing teeth and how to best treat diseased teeth: this is our way to maintain or restore the quality of your life.

Dental implants are a standard part of modern dentistry. The models available in the market today are the results of decades of research and development. Medical doctors were searching possibilities for compensating their patients’ loss of teeth and have finally developed dental implants. These are artificial dental roots that are inserted into the jawbone and provide, for instance, a quick solution after accidents or serve for restoration of the dental system after years of toothlessness. Implants are distinguished by excellent biocompatibility, great strength and long-term stability.

There is a large assortment of various types of implants as well as numerous methods of inserting them into the jawbone – we shall advise you individually and find the most fitting solution in collaboration with you. In addition, our Implantology Competence Center provides you with all the advantages of a modern practice concept including direct connection to the Bethanien Hospital in Frankfurt am Main in the event that hospitalization is required.

Implants with a concept

We at Groisman & Laube install your implant without major pain or stress – if you want, it can even be done under full anesthesia or in a twilight sleep. We have our own operating room with state-of the-art equipment in our surgery. But, if necessary, the operations can also be performed in the adjacent Bethanien Hospital, incuding a stay at the hospital.

Attaining our objectives with the fitting technology

Secure planning of implants with 3-D technology: implants are a permanent and firm substitute for your teeth. They require thorough preparations. Of course, each patient is different. So, we analyze each and every anatomical situation individually. In the preparatory stages for this presurgical planning we are utilizing high-resolution, low-radiation 3-D X-ray technology with whose help we prepare a computer-aided simulation of the future position of your dental implants.

Navigated implants:  especially if the anatomical situation is cramped but also for preventing injury to adjacent anatomical structures  such as nerves, maxillary sinuses or neighboring teeth, navigated implants are an incredibly precise aid. For this we send our 3-D X-ray data to a specialized company (Materialise Dental) that in turn will produce a drilling template made to measure for each bone or dental situation. These make an exact 1:1 transfer of the implants possible as virtually planned in advance.

When we planned and designed our practice we have organized the technological concept perfectly for the best treatment of our patients. This is also reflected by the technology available during operations – for instance when we use ultrasound scalpels in order to graft bones in a painless and tissue-saving manner.

The proper implant for any situation

As each anatomical situation is different, the requirements for the implant system are also different. That is why at our Implantology Competence Center here in Frankfurt we have different implants produced by various manufacturers available for you. In this way, we can guarantee that we are going to find the perfect solution for you.

Ask us for information. Our team will be there for you – and you can easily book your appointment online.