Lidstraffung von Ober- und Unterlid | groisman & laube

Blepharoplasty (tightening of the eyelid) by groisman & laube

Successful treatment for sagging or hooded eyelids and under-eye bags

Eyes that appear sad and tired are usually caused by sagging tissue structures. The correction of sagging or hooded upper eyelids or of under-eye bags in the lower eyelid will return freshness and vitality to your appearance.

Consultation prior to the blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

The best results will be achieved, if you utilize the consultations for demonstrating with the help of a mirror which structures are bothering you and what you would like to improve in your appearance. This will enable your surgeon, Dr. Dr. Laube, to estimate the extent to which your wishes can be met. Photos showing the original shape of your eyelids would also be a great help.

Afterwards, elasticity of the eyelids, the excess of skin and of fatty tissues to be expected will be determined by means of simple tests.

Blepharoplasty procedure

Right before surgery the excess of skin will be sketched in, followed by a photo documentation.

If the surgery concerns the upper eyelid, a spindle-shaped portion of skin and a strip of the underlying muscle will be removed. Superfluous fatty tissue will also be removed or molded, respectively. The skin will be closed with a hair-fine suture to be removed again later.

In the lower eyelid the incision is made beneath the eyelashes, if excessive skin and fatty tissues are to be removed during the operation. If only fatty tissues and no skin are to be removed, the incision can, under certain conditions,  be made from the inside of the lower eyelid, in order to exclude completely the possibility of scarring. For the incision from the outside Dr.D.r Laube will, of course, also use a very fine suturing technique.

After the operation

Especially during the first few days after the operation the eyelids may show swellings and discolorations. These can be reduced by sleeping with an elevated upper torso and by cooling the eyelids with wet and cool compresses. After about two weeks swellings and discolorations have usually gone down sufficiently so that you can easily cover up possibly remaining discolorations with make-up.

During the first few weeks the eyes may water a bit more than usual or they might be more light-sensitive. We recommend that you protect your eyes with sunglasses during this period. But even so you should avoid extensive sunbathing for six months, sports and sauna for about six weeks.

Once the wounds are completely healed your eyes will look more awake, fresher and younger. The effect may last many years, sometimes even permanently.