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Treatment of halitosis at the Bethanien Dental Center

Halitosis (bad breath) is caused by bacterial metabolites that give rise to sulphurous compounds which are responsible for the unpleasant smell. If oral hygiene is insufficient, the number of germs in the oral cavity increases so that halitosis is intensified and may become chronic.

Diagnostics and therapy for halitosis

The germs settle on the tongue and in niches of the oral cavity from where they should be removed each day by means of thorough oral hygiene. Your Frankfurt dentists advise you to utilize not only toothbrush and toothpaste for your daily dental care but also dental floss and interdental brushes and also tongue scrapers.

In the course of our periodontological therapies we point out to our patients that poor oral hygiene is a risk factor for diseases such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (inflammation of the dental support apparatus. If these inflammations are not treated professionally they cause gum pockets where bacteria may settle that cause halitosis. As part of our diagnostics, halitosis is always checked to see whether it may be an accompanying factor of periodontitis.

Your specialists at the Bethanien Dental Center and the Implantology Competence Center in Frankfurt will advise you comprehensively about this topic and will initiate diagnostic measures in order to analyze the causes of your halitosis.

In order to achieve that we shall take swabs from your oral cavity and have them analyzed by a specialized lab. The bacteria will be determined and can be removed, for instance, by a parallel antibiotic therapy.

In addition to professional tooth cleaning your specialists in Frankfurt recommend an open cleaning of those gum pockets. During this procedure the gum pockets will be thoroughly cleaned  and relieved of bacterial accumulations with special instruments that use ultrasound. Accompanied by your efficient oral hygiene at home these measures may be successful in the long run. If the periodontitis  is not yet too far advanced, the gums may regenerate. But you are going to need regular check-ups at our practice in Frankfurt, since periodontitis may keep returning again and again.

Especially with a view to intended dental implants it is an absolute necessity to treat effectively and heal in advance existing inflammations of the gums or periodontitis – else the success of the implant will be endangered. The artificial dental root can only settle firmly in the jawbone, if the dental system is healthy.

Do you want more information? Please, talk to our team of the Bethanien Dental Center and the Implantology Competence Center in Frankfurt. We’d love to be of help.

In preparation for your appointment at the halitosis consultation, please fill in the halitosis questionnaire that you can download here and bring it along.