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Inflammation of the dental system caused by bacteria – also designated as periodontities – is a very widespread disease and right now it is actually the most frequent chronic disease in the world. In Germany, one out of two over 50 has it. The causes for periodontitis can be found mostly in a person’s way of living, effectiveness of the individual dental and oral care and in a special personal disposition. Further down on this page you can find out, by means of a self-test, whether you are also a victim of this disease.

Unfortunately, many of the patients concerned are not even aware of having this disease because it can be completely free of symptoms for a very long time. And in addition, hardly anyone will take initial symptoms such as reddened gums or an occasional bleeding of the gums seriously. But in the long run periodontitis carries the risk of causing irreversible shrinking of the gums after having formed gingival sulci accompanied by progressive bone loss. At a more advanced stage teeth will be lost. Additionally, periodontitis will affect not only the oral region but it may have impairing effects on a patient’s whole body. If the pathogenes get into the blood circulation they may settle in internal organs such as heart and lungs – with sometimes serious effects that will shorten the patient’s lifespan.

Especially with a view to intended dental implants it is an absolute necessity to treat and heal completely in advance existing gum inflammations or periodontitis, since the success of the implant will be endangered otherwise. The artificial dental root can only settle firmly in the jaw bone, if the dental system is in good health.

Therapy concepts for periodontitis

We have learned to pay attention to the appearance of periodontitis and make special efforts to discover it at an early stage during the regular check-ups. A therapy that is effective in many cases is the cleaning (debriding) of folds that have already come up under the gumline, using special handheld instruments. If the defects are severe, a surgical intervention  (periodontal surgery) in our operating rooms may be indicated. Periodontal surgery uses very varied treatment techniques and materials: from transplants of a patient’s own tissues, mostly from the gums to the insertion of highly effective special matierals that stimulate regeneration. We always do that with the intention of stabilizing the dental system and to improve the overall esthetic picture.

If the disease has not yet advanced very far, we perform a microbiological analysis of the range of pathogenes – adapted to individual requirements –in order to initiate further supporting measures such as, for instance, an appropriate antibiosis. Furthermore, we have the possibility right here to kill pathogenes that may have remained after the instrumental cleaning be means of the so-called antimicrobial photodynamic laser therapy.

If the supporting structure of the teeth has already been clearly weakened, the special medication Emdogain® can be employed for regeneration and and thus to creation of new bone.

Your contribution to success

You, the patient can also make a major contribution towards treatment success.  On the one hand changing your habits permanently is important (especially for smokers) on the other perfecting the handling of your oral hygiene at home is crucial for an improved prognosis. Within the scope of our follow-up care programs we shall support you in maintaining the success of the therapy.


Gingivitis is a less severe form of bacterial inflammation of the oral tissues – it is characterized by reddening, swelling and bleeding gums. As a rule, gingivitis can be treated easily.


Highly effective gum regeneration

At the Bethanien Dental Center we are employing the highly effective gel Emdogain® for a greatly improved regeneration of soft and hard tissues. Administering this medication to the areas concerned is a great help especially for patients suffering from advanced periodontitis. Emdogain® gel forms an inseparable bond onto which the body can base its own healing processes. During a successful course, periodontal tissue can be rebuilt in its original condition and function so that a more stable dental system can be rebuilt than previously. Emdogain® has already helped two million patients with advanced periodontitis.

Laser treatment

Fighting periodontitis with gentle laser light

We recommend antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) for an effective reduction of accumulations of bacteria without any side effects. This gentle and pain-free therapy begins with a professional cleaning of gum and bone pockets, soft and hard plaque is removed so that the number of bacteria is already reduced. In a second step a special bluish solution (photosensitizer) will be applied that adheres to and marks the bacterial membranes. The “lighting” with the gentle therapy laser that follows causes the formation of active oxygen: the bacterial membranes will be damaged and the bacteria will be destroyed. The Bethanien Dental Center employs the antimicrobial photodynamic therapy successfully. Effectiveness is corroborated by more than 12 years of clinical studies and practical experience. The procedure is used not only in a periodontal context. Careful use of the therapy laser can also have very good effects on bacterial relief of implants, caries treatment and root treatments (endodontics).