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Ear correction (otoplasty) by groisman & laube in Frankfurt

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Ears that stick out (colloquially also called flappy ears, dumbo ears or jug ears) often have genetic causes and concern to differing extents the auricle, the ear lobe or both. In order to have optimum results it is necessary to match function and esthetics perfectly during the operation.

Since the ear usually stops growing after the 4th year of age, a large number of ear corrections are performed on children. The surgical technique is not much different from the one used on adults.

Prior to the ear correction

Before the operation we shall discuss the diagnosis and various possibilities for correcting your ears with you. During this discussion we are going to determine whether the size and shape of the ear, the degree of sticking out or both shall be corrected. A photo documentation concludes this initial consultation.

Pinning back the ears – the procedure

For an otoplasty the incision is hidden behind the ear. Through this access the cartilage will be molded, incised, if necessary, and given its new shape with sutures. Finally the surgeon pins back the ear, also by sutures and then closes the incision.

After the ear correction

After the operation a head dressing will be applied that protects the ears and stabilizes them in their new positions. One day after the surgery the dressing will be changed and the wound will be inspected. The dressing will be removed after one week together with the sutures behind the ear. For children we can mostly use dissoluble sutures so that they are spared removal.

For one more week a headband should be worn that protects the ears. Children generally wear this headband for a total of six weeks. During the first three months after the operation contact sports ought to be avoided. Children must not attend physical exercises in school.

With proper techniques and realistic expectations a visible and permanent improvement of the appearance can be achieved with ear corrections.