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Wrinkle treatment – gentle and effective

We have a great range of treatments for getting rid of your wrinkles. They extend from effective techniques, such as the injection of botulin A (Botox®) to injecting fillers/hyaluronic acid under the individual wrinkles. Which treatment will be used depends on the type and depth of the wrinkles and, of course, on your personal wishes and objectives.

Wrinkles differ greatly, there are many different shapes and they may have very different causes. Sometimes ultraviolet rays cause them, but sometimes there are also genetic factors at work. And then there is also your individual lifestyle that may cause your skin to change its structure and start to sag, like smoking, for example.

Whatever the type of wrinkles and whatever your expectations of the treatment – groisman & laube will be certain to take excellent care of you. Together with you we are going to analyze the best strategy for achieving our goal: skin that looks younger and smoother.

In our practice in Frankurt it is Dr. Dr. Nico Laube, Specialist for Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Surgery, M.Sc. of Esthetic Facial Surgery, who is responsible for our wide range of wrinkle treatments. Dr. Dr. Laube’s treatments will be in accordance with the highest medical and technical standards – and he will always make sure that your appearance will remain natural.

Faltenbehandlung | groisman & laube

Whatever kind of wrinkles there are, forehead, eyes or anywhere in your face – botulin A (Botox®) is an effective treatment for wrinkles.

Faltenunterspritzung Hyaluron Frankfurt

Hyaluronic acid is used to correct individual wrinkles directly and with immediate effect – your face will look younger and more animated.

PRP Behandlung Frankfurt

For this method, also called “vampire lifting”, a patient’s own blood or blood plasma (PRGF), respectively, will be used as an anti-wrinkle therapy.

Micro-Needling Frankfurt

Tiny needles thinner than a human hair will cause microscopic injuries of the skin, the body will start a rebuilding process and the skin in those areas will be rejuvenated.

Chemisches Peeling zur Hautverjüngung

The peeling with phenol is highly efficient – and provides extraordinary results.

Hautstraffung Radiowellen

This anti-wrinkle treatment is based on the effect of radio waves. Subcutaneous tissues are stimulated into forming anew – for a younger-looking face.