Hautstraffung Radiowellen

Radiage® / Pellevè® treatment in Frankfurt

Fighting wrinkles gently

Radiage® or Pellevé®, respectively is a gentle non-invasive method for rejuvenating and tautening the skin. Since this wrinkle treatment method is based on radio frequency technology (energy and heat are released at the point of highest resistance) it has initially been introduced under the name of “Radiage®”. Following the approval by the FDA and improvements of appliances and technology it has been introduced worldwide under the designation of “Pellevé®”.

At groisman & laube, the Pellevé® treatment can be performed without anesthesia and without any hospital stay. Your doctor will slowly guide the special hand piece several times over the regions concerned. A lubricant has been applied in advance that contributes to better conductivity of the radio waves. The radio waves effect a selective activation of collagen fibers (connective tissue fibers in the hypoderma) that contract due to this process. The hypoderm tissue and new generation of collagen are stimulated. This process of smoothing out wrinkles continues also during the weeks and months following the treatment.

What do I need to know about the Radiage®/Pellevé® method?

During the treatment the patient senses a heat effect that can, however, be alleviated by means of cooling gels or with special cooling masks. A treatment lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. No rest is required afterwards. The skin may be reddened slightly after the treatment but this is usually gone after one day.

We recommend several treatments two to four weeks apart plus a refreshment treatment after a longer period of time.