Micro-Needling Frankfurt

Micro needling done by the specialist in Frankfurt

We get your desire for younger skin rolling

The principle of micro needling is based on producing micro traumas in the skin, i.e. exceedingly small injuries. The skin reacts to those within the scope of its regenerative mechanism by creating collagen and elastin, two important structural proteins.

Other than older procedures where needle rollers or stamps injure the skin relatively haphazardly, we, at Groisman & Laube, are using the micro-processor-controlled Digital-Pop® of the latest generation.

With this motor-operated handpiece we perform lifting movements that move the sterile needle attachment across the skin more than a 100 times per second. The depth of penetration of the extremely fine needles can be adjusted to suit the skin region being treated. The resulting micro traumas stimulate a wound healing cascade deep inside the skin that causes dissemination of growth factors that in turn lead to new formation of collagen – the tissues become smoother and the beauty of your skin is activated.

Fields of application for micro needling:

  • Maintaining a young skin appearance rich in collagen
  • Small wrinkles, e.g. around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, etc.
  • Pigment spots and problems
  • Scar tissue, e.g. acne scars, burn scars, surgery scars

What do I need to know about this anti-aging treatment?

Due to the anesthetic ointment applied prior to treatment the treatment causes hardly any pain. It is usually performed in conjunction with the application of hyaluronic acid or plasma (PRGF) to or into the skin.

As a rule, the therapy is repeated six weeks and again three months after the initial treatment in order to reinforce the effect. The collagen produced by this method remains in the skin and is subject to the normal aging process so that we recommend the treatment once or, at most, twice a year.