Chemisches Peeling zur Hautverjüngung

Phenol oil peeling by groisman & laube in Frankfurt

Getting under your skin

Phenol oil peeling, also known as BensiPeelÔ, is essentially a further development of the Baker-Gordon Peeling developed in the early sixties by Dres. Hetter and Bensimon (USA).

Despite the impressive results achieved by Baker-Gordon Peeling there were often undesired side effects: waxy or porcelain appearance of the skin after peeling or a tendency towards hypopigmentation (lighter-looking skin) of the areas treated. The risks of undesired side effects were minimized by variations in mixing ratio while maintaining the therapeutic effects of BensiPeelÔ face peeling.

But due to the components of the peeling, phenol and phenol oil, the peeling is still a decided in-depth peeling that – depending on the depth of penetration – sometimes requires lengthy periods of reconvalescence on the one hand but gives the most impressive results on the other.

But then it is also suited incomparably for selectively treating wrinkles in the process of appearing or small wrinkles, respectively, e.g. on the lower eyelid or the upper lip, in such a way that new, elastic skin is generated that shows no signs of aging.

Younger looking skin – without the least bit of surgery

One problem of skin aging that cannot be solved by surgery is that tissue structures are repositioned but the texture of the skin is barely influenced. Chemical peeling with a combination of phenol oil and phenol provides an excellent method for closing this particular gap: it achieves an impressive rejuvenation of the skin that cannot be equaled by any other method in our opinion. Very severely damaged skin, e.g. by environmental influences or years of smoking, can be rejuvenated extraordinarily by this method.

What do I need to know about Phenol oil peeling?

The treatment requires time and cooperation in a measure depending on extent and depth of the peeling. But if you are motivated and capable of looking at the long-term view, your reward will be a considerably improved and durably rejuvenated skin.