Dreidimensionaler Gebissabdruck | groisman & laube

The groisman & laube treatment concept

Arrival and initial conversation

Your initial contact will be the reception in the front portion of our practice which we view as our control center. Once you’ve been registered you will be guided straight to one of the treatment rooms or to the comfortable waiting area. We are trying very hard not to keep you waiting. But if it cannot be avoided, we are providing a pleasant and relaxing environment for you in our waiting area.

Before our initial talk with you we shall have received information regarding the treatment from either the dentist or the physician referring you to us or, maybe, you have found us on your own. Whatever, at that first appointment we shall discuss what you expect of the treatment and which possibilities we can offer you in order to meet your expectations. Together we shall analyze the best possible path to reach the treatment objective and then start initiating the required diagnostic measures.


Within the scope of making and ensuring the diagnosis we attach the greatest importance to the latest state of science and technology. For instance, for producing images of bone structures that are difficult to depict by conventional X-ray technology we are using 3-D X-ray technology (digital volume tomography DVT). In addition, we are using special medical software programs that guarantee a high degree of planning security and predictability of the surgical results in treating malocclusions.

And only when all of the diagnostic measures have provided us with a complete picture shall we decide upon the therapy concept in cooperation with you.


Your treatment will utilize the most up-to-date technological and surgical methods. Depending on the individual situation we may use the enormously tissue-saving radiofrequency scalpel or piezo surgery which also puts very little strain on soft tissues. Certain operations, primarily the so-called retrograde root resection will be performed using a strong Zeiss operating microscope, if so desired, in order to achieve optimum treatment results.

For our wide range of surgical operations we can use an operating room within our practice for out-patients. For more complex surgeries we shall use the operating room of the neighboring Bethanien Hospital.


In order to keep possible swellings or pain to a minimum we are, as a matter of principle, using tissue-saving instruments and surgical techniques – as far as the indication allows. With some operations there is a possibility to apply a cooling mask after surgery whose temperature can be adapted to the requirements in case. This will have a positive effect on the healing process.

Post-surgical care

After having treated you we shall take individual care of you as needed and make sure that the healing process will be optimized.