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Treatment of diseases of the oral mucous membranes at the Bethanien Dental Center

The oral cavity is completely lined with mucous membranes. Our dentists here in Frankfurt distinguish between three types of membrane: There are firm and thick membranes, for instance around the gums and the roof of the mouth, there are thin and elastic ones inside the cheeks and then there is the mucous membrane of the back of the tongue in which are embedded the taste-buds. Mucous membranes react to touch, temperature and pain. If they are healthy, they are of a light pink color and moist because they are covered by a film of saliva.

Diagnostics and therapy in Frankfurt

In our Bethanien Dental Center we perform, within the scope of diagnostics, a clinical check of your oral cavity prior to, for instance, a dental implant or any oral surgery. During this check we shall also take a look at the condition of your oral mucous membranes.

Diseases of the oral mucous membranes may have a variety of causes and show many very different symptoms: there may be discolorations or blisters or even changes resembling tumors. Sometimes there may also be other more general diseases. In these cases your doctors of the Bethanien Dental Center will cooperate closely with dermatologists or doctors of internal medicine in order to coordinate diagnostics and therapy individually.

Professional competence and great experience are needed for exact diagnostics of diseases of the mucous membranes. A comprehensive anamnesis, a thorough medical check-up, swabs or, if necessary, a biopsy (removal of a small tissue sample) and utilization of various imaging technologies provide us with a complete picture of the disease involved and lead to proper diagnoses.

As some causes for diseases of the oral mucous membranes we can mention, among others, inflammations, infections caused by fungus, bacteria and viruses, hornification disorders of the mucous membranes, consumption of nicotine, drugs and alcohol. And it is also possible that the changes are caused by oral cancer.

Your dentists Dr. Nadine Ly and Dr. Claudia Schrempf will routinely check the condition of your oral mucous membranes during each control check-up. This is of enormous importance especially with a view to pre-cancerous developments. The earlier they are recognized the better are the possibilities for a gentle and effective therapy.

Once the diagnosis is made, specific therapeutic measures will be initiated. Infectious diseases can be treated very well with virostatics (virus-inhibiting medication) or antibiotics (bacteria-inhibiting medication). The situation is similar for fungal infections in the oral cavity. Bruises caused by dentures can usually be cured by altering the shape of the prosthesis. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove lesions surgically..

In cases of cancerous diseases of the oral mucous membranes we remove completely the involved parts of the mucous membranes. Further parallel therapies will be discussed with your oncologist and will be administered by him.

With regard to intended dental implants or oral surgery healthy mucous membranes are of special importance. Untreated diseases of the mucous membranes might endanger the success of all other intended operations.

If you want to know more about this topic: please talk to us – our whole team of the Bethanien Dental Center in Frankfurt is ready to advise you.