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Anatomically and functionally the face and the jaws are exceedingly complex parts of the human body and they have a crucial influence on the appearance and the visual impression a person has of him- or herself. Understanding them totally and giving them professional medical care requires holistic specialization. A specialist for oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery has acquired said specialization by getting degrees in both human and dental medicine plus at least four years of further professional and training courses.

At the Bethanien Center for Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Surgery you will find in Dr. Dr. Groisman an expert in the field of dysgnathia who will be pleased to advise you extensively about the manifold possibilities for treating dysgnathia and also to discuss with you appropriate further treatments such as corrective nose or chin surgery in order to achieve pleasing treatment results.

In addition to dysgnathia we are also performing operations coming under the heading of oral surgery such as, for instance, the removal of wisdom teeth or root resections. We know that quite a few patients are a bit worried especially about these two operations but our endeavour is always to make the surgery as pleasant for you as possible and to use gentle methods. In the course of these treatments you can always trust our expertise in the fields of oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery.

These qualifications make surgeons like us specialists for any and all surgical interventions in a person’s face. Our ultimate goal is the patient’s functional and esthetic rehabilitation.

Operation mit Hilfe eines OP-Mikroskops | groisman & laube

Short distances, great security – we achieve a special quality of oral surgery by perfect coordination between the treating dentist and the operating surgeon.     

Dysgnathie Behandlung Dr. Dr. Groisman | groisman & laube

In cases of dysgnathia we are focussing our attention on the function of the maxillary joints and the esthetic appearance of the face – in addition to the actual goal which is restoration of a regular dentition.