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Dental services at the Bethanien Dental Center

Being oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeons and also trained dental practitioners (dentists) it is a matter of course for us to offer you also “classical”dental services within the scope of our holistic approach – and all of it professionally united under the roof of groisman & laube.

Our goal: Your radiant smile

Where dental medicine is concerned we at Groisman & Laube are devoted to achieving long-lasting success with our treatments – retaining or regaining healthy and attractive teeth is our first goal. As a patient you are thus profiting from top and state-of the-art dental care, individualized therapy concepts and therapy planning where all components are harmoniously coordinated. But most of all it is the long-term experience regarding all aspects of dental medicine held by Dr.Dr. Groisman, Dr. Dr. Laube and their medical team with Dres. Ly and Schrempf that asssures high diagnostic and technical treatment quality.

But the fact that your dental health is our goal will not become noticeable only when problems or pain become appear – it does so much earlier with ourprophylactic measures. We want to help you keep your teeth healthy and so we are offering you professional tooth cleaning that you should have performed by us every six months in addition to your own dental care at home, since even electric tooth brushes can’t reach into every nook and cranny of teeth and gums.

While cleaning your teeth we can also advise you about possibilities for bleaching, since certain foodstuffs as well as our genes like to provide our teeth with a colour that many people are not really happy with. Don’t hesitate to ask us about this.

In addition to professional bleachings it is also possible to work with veneer. These gossamer ceramic layers are both esthetically pleasing and hardly distinguishable from the original tooth. They are also used to cover up minor tooth defects.

Bleaching der Zähne in der Praxis | groisman & laube

From professional tooth cleaning thru bleaching all the way to veneers – from us you will receive professional advice and a fitting solution.

Parodontitis behandeln | groisman & laube

Create more quality of life, reduce long-term risks. We attach particular importance to early recognition of periodontitis.

Zahnärztin Dr. Ly mit Patientin | groisman & laube

Prophylactic measures for all ages – we advise you personally and we shall be the people to talk to where your child’s dental health is concerned.

Dr. Ly während der Behandlung | groisman & laube

Natural appearance, strong bite. We are going to find the best solution and are relying on top-grade full ceramics.

Mundschleimhauterkrankung Untersuchung | groisman & laube

Be it a routine check-up or in preparation for an implant – you are going to profit from our competence and great experience.

Mundgeruch bekämpfen | groisman & laube

We can offer you various diagnostic and therapeutic measures – including even a halitosis ordinance.

Angstpatient Zahnarzt-Behandlung | groisman & laube

Trust, extensive counseling and various methods for preventing pain – we pay special attention to your requirements.