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Face lifts by groisman & laube in Frankfurt

For smoother, younger looking skin

The face lift is cosmetic surgery of the face. Primarily, this wrinkle treatment tautens tissue structures underneath the skin level through cuts that leave behind barely visible scars. This creates the prerequisite for evening out the skin. The face lift corrects typical signs of aging, such as superfluous tissue in the chin area, sagging cheeks or deep facial wrinkles or, rather, the regions concerned are returned to their original positions. Modern procedures make the face look younger and fresher without losing its very own, individual and unique character.

Counseling prior to cosmetic surgery

Even before the first consultation you should consider your own expectations regarding the results of the operation. This will help your doctor or surgeon to estimate the extent to which your expectations can be met and which method would achieve the best results. During this consultation, it is often helpful to show the surgeon in front of a mirror what it is that you want to change in your appearance or to demonstrate the desired result by means of photographs of yourself.

We, at Groisman & Laube, will give you transparent and comprehensible advice and will be at your side reliably from the beginning till the end of the treatment.

Face lift procedure

For a face lift to the extent discussed with you in advance, the incision usually starts near the temples right behind the hair line. In front of the ear the incision will be hidden in a natural crease, goes from there around the earlobe and finally continues behind the ear in the neck hairline.

The tightening of the face will be done in several layers, starting with a layer of muscle connective tissue (SMAS layer) underneath the skin that is prepared and tightened. It is only during the second step that the skin will be laid over this while pulling lightly and sutured in several layers. A drainage inserted for discharging wound fluids will be removed already on the following day during your brief hospital stay.

After the face lift

After the face lift a loose dressing will be applied into which a soft silicone cooling mask is integrated. Already by the time you wake up from anesthesia your face will be pleasantly cooled at optimum temperature. This cooling can be maintained until the next day and prevents swellings and pain.

You may expect postoperative swellings, sometimes also discolorations in the regions of face and neck. They may last up to two or three weeks. After two weeks sutures and clamps will be removed. Most of the swellings should have disappeared after approximately four weeks, but it may take a few months for the healing process to be completed. For six weeks you should avoid sports and sauna, extensive sunbathing should be avoided for six months.