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MACS lift by groisman & laube in Frankfurt

An innovative and gentle way to a smoother face

Many patients who long for a younger, smoother face cannot imagine taking time out for weeks and don’t want to subject themselves to major surgery, either. But they still want a noticeable rejuvenation effect that looks natural, not artificial, but provides results identical to and as durable as the classic face lift method.

For these patients MACS lift (minimal access cranial suspension lift) is a perfect solution since maximum effect is achieved through minimum access. This modern face lift method is an innovative new development of the classic method, with some important advantages:

  • Access is clearly smaller and so is the resulting scar.
  • The muscle and connective tissue layers, respectively, are looped in and lifted vertically with special sutures and a special suturing technique without having to separate a major portion of the facial skin and an even greater portion of the layer beneath the skin – as would be necessary in a classic facelift.
  • Postsurgical swellings and postsurgical complications are reduced to a minimum.
  • The operation can almost always be performed with local anesthesia.

MACS lift procedure

Prior to the operation we shall explain in detail which changes you may expect with this kind of anti-wrinkle treatment and also everything that happens during a MACS lift.

The incision starts near the temples behind the hairline and is carried on along a crease in front of the ear or along the cartilaginous front rim of the ear, respectively, to the base of the earlobe.

After this the facial skin will be undermined to certain parts of the face. This is followed by looping in (purse-string effect) the SMAS layer with two or a maximum of three sutures that are taken to the sagging soft portions in a U or O shape and are affixed later to immobile points of the face above them.

At the end of the procedure, a simple drainage will be inserted that can usually be removed without any discomfort on the following day.

After the cosmetic surgery

After the MACS lift a head dressing will be applied that can be opened and closed with a simple hook and loop fastener. Since the treatment is often performed on an outpatient basis, the drainage will be removed and a post-surgical check-up will take place on the following day. Sutures will be removed pain-free some two weeks after the operation.

Generally, postoperative swellings and discolorations will be gone within two weeks after the operation, but for the wound to heal completely will take approx. four to six months. Sports and sauna should be avoided for six weeks, extensive sunbathing for four months.