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Prophylactic measures for all ages

Good care and healthy teeth for young and old

For permanent and good dental health the semiannual visit at the dentist’s is just as important as correct dental care. There is a lot that you can do yourself for maintaining dental health: with meticulous dental care, weekly fluoridation and healthy food, since the daily brushing of teeth, the cleaning of the spaces between the teeth with dental floss and interdental brushes as well as the use of a tongue cleaner constitute an effective base against caries and gum disease. In addition, you should apply a fluoride gel once a week – preferably in the evening – and thus strengthen the dental enamel.

Focus on prophylaxis against caries in children

At the Bethanien Dental Center we attach special importance to your children’s oral health. During check-ups we look at the condition of teeth and gums and share with you and your child helpful tips and tricks for the best dental care. You can start initial prophylactic measures already with the dental early-diagnosis check around the age of three. Between the ages of 6 and 11 we recommend annual checks of oral hygiene and contribute to oral health education at these opportunities. Our dental prophylaxis assistants will show your child in a suitable manner how to brush teeth properly. In addition, we explain supportive hygienic measures such as the application of fluoridation and the cleaning of interdental spaces as well as local fluoridation of the teeth and the sealing of accessional teeth.